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Cross dressers paradise

Sarong is the traditional men’s garb in Sri Lanka. Down garb, I mean, because above waist they wore nothing, exposing their hairy – or not – but always hot pecks and arms.

Sarong is a simple piece of cotton, usually nicely colored, sewn into a tube which you hop in and then tie around your waist in a special way to stay there firm. If you do it wrong, don’t worry – locals will gladly help you to correct it. What an occasion to some body contact while taking such a lesson! I know one guy who after six months of staying in Sri Lanka still pretends not to know how to properly tie the sarong, because he loves to ask about it every guy he dreams to get laid with! Of course, the less belly you have (and they do not have it at all, wow!) the better it looks on you. Under sarong you may have boxers or shorts, or nothing, which many of us like the most.
So Sri Lanka is a cross dressers paradise – you may go into a woman’s cloth and nobody is pointing out at you because of that. Just the opposite, attractive locals are admiring foreigners brave enough to carry their national garb. And what a fine point to start a conversation, smile back, have little talk and then go forward for a lesson…

Sarong is practical, too, especially in the evening, when mosquitoes are biting. Having your legs fully covered helps a lot. And you can buy such a variety of them, from the simplest ones for 2-3 dollars to the most elegant, for instance in Barefoot Gallery in Colombo - great colors and designs, but prices too, or in any other place of your choice. Also when you go to the temple, your knees have to be covered – why not by sarong?
So – when you are in Sri Lanka go for sarong and see how useful and appealing it is. I am sure you fall in love with it, and not only the one you will wear.

We say: ”Life is a beach”, having a bitch in mind. In Sri Lanka, though, the first meaning is really true. I experienced it recently with intensity probably available only to the one who is about to leave the Paradise Island, at least for a while.

So, on the Sri Lanka beach you do not only find beach boys, handsome and ready to do anything you want and able to pay for, but also BEACH PARTIES. On this December 2007 Sunday afternoon one of Colombo’s radio stations celebrated its first anniversary on air with much fanfare, some celebrities and huge crowds, walking into Mount Lavinia beach despite bomb attack warning, which stopped the celebration a week before.

Among thousands of beach goers there were obviously many gays and lesbians; some boys were dressed so „campy”, that there was no doubt what they want to show around. Others simply walked joining hands or keeping them over the other’s shoulder, what not always means what we think it does, but looks great, anyway. There were hundreds of them. Wow!

And there was more, because almost all of them were looking at foreigners with such intensity and hope for a closer contact, that the only problem you had was the choice: whom to talk first? The bravest ones, using the opportunity of a crowded beach, were even checking manually what they can count for in your pants, if their smile was happily returned. This is what I have been always dying for at the airport checks, but was never delivered by any of these uniformed security gods.

No matter how excited I got with abundance of choices on this Sunday beach evening, I preferred the other party, not advertised at all, the one we run into on a night before, at the same location. In front of the Mount Catamaran Beach restaurant a coconut rope reserved a simple patch of sand. DJ with all his sound stuff stood on it, few tables with snacks and bottles were placed in front of deafening machine, some disco lights were added and this way you had a beach party for… No, there is no way you can guess. It was the engaging celebration party of a lesbian couple. Yes, in Sri Lanka, under the emergency law and the penal code, in which homosexuality is still a crime. So what? Everybody has a right to party and what the party is for does not matter, as long as you pay for it. At least on Mount Lavinia beach, a small extension of Colombo 7 to the south.

Life was really a beach this evening. First we danced shyly outside the ropes, but soon one of us (OK, the local one) found that he knows somebody inside, so we got invited and joined the crowd. It was a different one than the night later: boys were dancing with boys, girls with girls, but nobody cared. The local one greeted friends he lost touch with for a year or more. His cap went around, and he followed it into the dark. There was an gay actor I have been dying to talk to for half a year, since I saw him at June Colombo Pride celebrations. He preferred, though, to associate with his former boyfriend, back from Europe for a while, also extremely nice and gayforward.
There were many people from Equal Ground, the first Sri Lankan lesbian/gay group, happy to gossip and check who does what recently, and with whom, of course. There were fireworks sponsored by another party, just on the next patch of beach, this one for somebody’s birthday, and more dances, and more men to talk to and drink with. What a night! We finished with late dinner at Buba beach restaurant, another place worth to be described in detail, and finally somehow made it home.

So life is a beach in Sri Lanka. This breezy, cozy, gaily night proved it.

It will stay in my mind as a symbol of the happier, free and surprisingly tolerant side of the Paradise Island.

The (Departing) Observer

There is quite an active gay scene in Sri Lanka. It’s easy accessible for anybody who wants to join it, be it for new experiences, holiday trip, searching for love or just spend some time to discover.

According to the local law gay sex is prohibited (a leftover from colonial, British sodomy law), therefore it has the taste of a forbidden fruit.

Gay scene is divided into two parts that influence each other and exist together: internet and real life. Many gay boys search for the others in the net. In Sri Lanka we use mostly Gaydar or Kaputa chats. Gaydar gathers almost exclusively gays, while on Kaputa chat one can meet vast range of individuals interest
ed in sexual experiences, but not necessarily gay.

There are also gay parties organized from time to time, usually once a month. They provide great opportunity to meet new people, dance and have fun. Gay parties are private parties held in clubs or hotels. We will inform about them on our page. The entrance fee is 500 Rs. to 1500 Rs. (around 5-15 dollars). There is no particular dress code, the crowd gathers around 10-11 pm and enjoy the party till early morning. Be sure to book the transportation from the party to your place, as it may be difficult to catch the most popular three-wheeler taxi when the party ends.There are also some cruising places in Colombo and Kandy, but for those who enjoy cruising, whole country gives the opportunity to meet your dream love or just sex buddy anywhere at anytime. In opposition to European culture, Sri Lank ans are easy to get friendly with a stranger. Usually they are open to chat, therefore meeting new people in public places is easy, which does not mean that every man friendly asking where are you from, likes to go to bed with you. Just use your gay experience and do not forget about common sense.Many gay activities take place on the beaches. Beach boys may seem to be really interested in you, but remember that their prime object of interest is your wallet or any other advance they hope to get from you.